Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Sun 10PM0.0131272610
Sun 11PM0.013127267
Mon 12AM0.033127265
Mon 1AM0.023026246
Mon 2AM0.002924248
Mon 3AM0.002825239
Mon 4AM0.0028242411
Mon 5AM0.0028242311
Mon 6AM0.032925246
Mon 7AM0.042924236
Mon 8AM0.002824236
Mon 9AM0.013025239
Mon 10AM0.0130262313
Mon 11AM0.003426236
Mon 12PM0.003227246
Mon 1PM0.003326247
Mon 2PM0.003127256
Mon 3PM0.003125254
Mon 4PM0.013024236
Mon 5PM0.002923218
Mon 6PM0.002923223
Mon 7PM0.002823227
Mon 8PM0.0027232113
Mon 9PM0.00272113
Mon 10PM0.00282216
Mon 11PM0.00292219
Tue 12AM0.00302221
Tue 1AM0.01312324
Tue 2AM0.00322332
Tue 3AM0.03322430
Tue 4AM0.03332336
Tue 5AM0.02332439
Tue 6AM0.04332638
Tue 7AM0.05312739
Tue 8AM0.04312940
Tue 9AM0.05332835
Tue 10AM0.05363037
Tue 11AM0.06373147
Tue 12PM0.06373244
Tue 1PM0.06373244
Tue 2PM0.07373345
Tue 3PM0.08363241
Tue 4PM0.09363234
Tue 5PM0.10352923
Tue 6PM0.12352722
Tue 7PM0.08342521
Tue 8PM0.05332322
Tue 9PM0.05312222
Tue 10PM0.03292122
Tue 11PM0.05282024
Wed 12AM0.06282021
Wed 1AM0.06282023
Wed 2AM0.05282019
Wed 3AM0.03281922
Wed 4AM0.05271821
Wed 5AM0.06271822
Wed 6AM0.04271823
Wed 7AM0.02271820
Wed 8AM0.02271922
Wed 9AM0.01271922
Wed 10AM0.00282121
Wed 11AM0.00282119
Wed 12PM0.00302218
Wed 1PM0.01292318
Wed 2PM0.00302318
Wed 3PM0.00292219
Wed 4PM0.00272119
Wed 5PM0.00262224
Wed 6PM0.00262120
Wed 7PM0.00282121
Wed 8PM0.00282024
Wed 9PM0.00282124
Wed 10PM0.00292224
Wed 11PM0.02312324
Thu 12AM0.01322433
Thu 1AM0.01342435
Thu 2AM0.02352536
Thu 3AM0.02362536
Thu 4AM0.02362737
Thu 5AM0.03352838
Thu 6AM0.02362938
Thu 7AM0.01362936
Thu 8AM0.01362936
Thu 9AM0.01372835
Thu 10AM0.03362738
Thu 11AM0.03362638
Thu 12PM0.04352643
Thu 1PM0.04362744
Thu 2PM0.04352843
Thu 3PM0.02352940
Thu 4PM0.03352942
Thu 5PM0.04372941
Thu 6PM0.03372836
Thu 7PM0.03362741
Thu 8PM0.04352735
Thu 9PM0.06352734
Thu 10PM0.08352840
Thu 11PM0.07352941
Fri 12AM0.03342940
Fri 1AM0.01342937
Fri 2AM0.00342845
Fri 3AM0.06342745
Fri 4AM0.02342741
Fri 5AM0.04342640
Fri 6AM0.05342542
Fri 7AM0.07332549

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations