Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Fri 10PM525313
Fri 11PM565315
Sat 12AM545213
Sat 1AM525312
Sat 2AM535310
Sat 3AM52527
Sat 4AM52504
Sat 5AM52535
Sat 6AM53527
Sat 7AM52525
Sat 8AM53515
Sat 9AM55514
Sat 10AM61536
Sat 11AM62559
Sat 12PM62577
Sat 1PM62574
Sat 2PM63594
Sat 3PM64595
Sat 4PM58596
Sat 5PM54646
Sat 6PM56559
Sat 7PM545313
Sat 8PM535213
Sat 9PM544912

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations