Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Thu 11PM0.022721208
Fri 12AM0.0227212012
Fri 1AM0.0227211917
Fri 2AM0.0026191820
Fri 3AM0.0126201920
Fri 4AM0.0226201921
Fri 5AM0.0126212017
Fri 6AM0.0326201920
Fri 7AM0.0126191723
Fri 8AM0.0226201922
Fri 9AM0.0328222020
Fri 10AM0.0228232117
Fri 11AM0.0130262022
Fri 12PM0.0029232021
Fri 1PM0.0029222021
Fri 2PM0.0028222020
Fri 3PM0.0027222018
Fri 4PM0.0027222113
Fri 5PM0.032722219
Fri 6PM0.0127211915
Fri 7PM0.0025191919
Fri 8PM0.0024191914
Fri 9PM0.002219199
Fri 10PM0.00261919
Fri 11PM0.00262119
Sat 12AM0.00262219
Sat 1AM0.00272319
Sat 2AM0.00272220
Sat 3AM0.00282119
Sat 4AM0.00272118
Sat 5AM0.00272018
Sat 6AM0.00262017
Sat 7AM0.00272014
Sat 8AM0.00262012
Sat 9AM0.00272210
Sat 10AM0.00272312
Sat 11AM0.00302612
Sat 12PM0.00322712
Sat 1PM0.00342713
Sat 2PM0.00342611
Sat 3PM0.00352413
Sat 4PM0.00342314
Sat 5PM0.00342518
Sat 6PM0.00312620
Sat 7PM0.00322619
Sat 8PM0.00312719
Sat 9PM0.00312719
Sat 10PM0.00312717
Sat 11PM0.00312619
Sun 12AM0.00312619
Sun 1AM0.00322718
Sun 2AM0.00342518
Sun 3AM0.00322520
Sun 4AM0.00302423
Sun 5AM0.00302623
Sun 6AM0.01322724
Sun 7AM0.01342823
Sun 8AM0.03342831
Sun 9AM0.04352836
Sun 10AM0.04362838
Sun 11AM0.05372841
Sun 12PM0.07382944
Sun 1PM0.08362944
Sun 2PM0.08353046
Sun 3PM0.08353147
Sun 4PM0.09363240
Sun 5PM0.11363237
Sun 6PM0.13363131
Sun 7PM0.12363034
Sun 8PM0.11362822
Sun 9PM0.09352723
Sun 10PM0.03342730
Sun 11PM0.02342821
Mon 12AM0.01342718
Mon 1AM0.01332716
Mon 2AM0.01332716
Mon 3AM0.01342914
Mon 4AM0.01352810
Mon 5AM0.00362713
Mon 6AM0.00362413
Mon 7AM0.00342312
Mon 8AM0.0031219
Mon 9AM0.0030217
Mon 10AM0.0028217
Mon 11AM0.0127217
Mon 12PM0.0026218
Mon 1PM0.0127238
Mon 2PM0.0027258
Mon 3PM0.00272610
Mon 4PM0.0026238
Mon 5PM0.00242011
Mon 6PM0.0023189
Mon 7PM0.0021189

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations