Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Tue 12PM0.005148464
Tue 1PM0.005552463
Tue 2PM0.005649474
Tue 3PM0.005550475
Tue 4PM0.005346476
Tue 5PM0.005144486
Tue 6PM0.004643437
Tue 7PM0.004540407
Tue 8PM0.004540396
Tue 9PM0.004438413
Tue 10PM0.004441415
Tue 11PM0.004142404
Wed 12AM0.004041407
Wed 1AM0.0040434110
Wed 2AM0.0039444111
Wed 3AM0.003842417
Wed 4AM0.0039424110
Wed 5AM0.003943415
Wed 6AM0.003941403
Wed 7AM0.003841394
Wed 8AM0.003842404
Wed 9AM0.003946424
Wed 10AM0.004646451
Wed 11AM0.005047452
Wed 12PM0.0049426
Wed 1PM0.0150435
Wed 2PM0.0052435
Wed 3PM0.0253438
Wed 4PM0.00534311
Wed 5PM0.00524114
Wed 6PM0.00514014
Wed 7PM0.00483816
Wed 8PM0.00453718
Wed 9PM0.01423516
Wed 10PM0.01423515
Wed 11PM0.00423617
Thu 12AM0.00423814
Thu 1AM0.01423816
Thu 2AM0.00393817
Thu 3AM0.00393718
Thu 4AM0.00403516
Thu 5AM0.00403220
Thu 6AM0.00373020
Thu 7AM0.00363119
Thu 8AM0.00373119
Thu 9AM0.00403219
Thu 10AM0.00413215
Thu 11AM0.00443414
Thu 12PM0.00463610
Thu 1PM0.0047389
Thu 2PM0.0049409
Thu 3PM0.00504112
Thu 4PM0.00504212
Thu 5PM0.0049429
Thu 6PM0.0048438
Thu 7PM0.0047419
Thu 8PM0.00464120
Thu 9PM0.00443920
Thu 10PM0.00454020
Thu 11PM0.00444020
Fri 12AM0.00444019
Fri 1AM0.00444019
Fri 2AM0.00454119
Fri 3AM0.00444119
Fri 4AM0.00434119
Fri 5AM0.00424220
Fri 6AM0.00424219
Fri 7AM0.00444119
Fri 8AM0.00454119
Fri 9AM0.00474314
Fri 10AM0.0050459
Fri 11AM0.0052479
Fri 12PM0.00544810
Fri 1PM0.00554810
Fri 2PM0.00564811
Fri 3PM0.00564913
Fri 4PM0.00564913
Fri 5PM0.00564815
Fri 6PM0.00554719
Fri 7PM0.00544717
Fri 8PM0.00534630
Fri 9PM0.00524430
Fri 10PM0.04504332
Fri 11PM0.03494235
Sat 12AM0.02494131
Sat 1AM0.02484024
Sat 2AM0.02473723
Sat 3AM0.01453818
Sat 4AM0.01453917
Sat 5AM0.00444017
Sat 6AM0.00453719
Sat 7AM0.00443719
Sat 8AM0.00453718
Sat 9AM0.01463917
Sat 10AM0.01484117
Sat 11AM0.01484216
Sat 12PM0.00484320
Sat 1PM0.00484319
Sat 2PM0.01484220
Sat 3PM0.00484123
Sat 4PM0.00484019
Sat 5PM0.01473919
Sat 6PM0.00473919
Sat 7PM0.00443822
Sat 8PM0.00413619

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations