Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Sat 6PM0.0058485214
Sat 7PM0.0053474915
Sat 8PM0.0051454716
Sat 9PM0.0047424413
Sat 10PM0.0046424513
Sat 11PM0.0044454911
Sun 12AM0.004346488
Sun 1AM0.004349486
Sun 2AM0.0042504816
Sun 3AM0.0044484814
Sun 4AM0.0045514820
Sun 5AM0.0047514820
Sun 6AM0.0047514819
Sun 7AM0.0049515117
Sun 8AM0.0061525416
Sun 9AM0.0064555912
Sun 10AM0.0067595910
Sun 11AM0.006960595
Sun 12PM0.007361624
Sun 1PM0.007765635
Sun 2PM0.007666644
Sun 3PM0.008069664
Sun 4PM0.007368684
Sun 5PM0.0071668
Sun 6PM0.0071668
Sun 7PM0.0069668
Sun 8PM0.0065637
Sun 9PM0.0060608
Sun 10PM0.00575711
Sun 11PM0.0055569
Mon 12AM0.0054549
Mon 1AM0.00545411
Mon 2AM0.0055549
Mon 3AM0.0055559
Mon 4AM0.0053569
Mon 5AM0.0052558
Mon 6AM0.0052568
Mon 7AM0.0055568
Mon 8AM0.0059588
Mon 9AM0.0062607
Mon 10AM0.0065638
Mon 11AM0.0068648
Mon 12PM0.0071659
Mon 1PM0.0073677
Mon 2PM0.0075687
Mon 3PM0.0076687
Mon 4PM0.0076685
Mon 5PM0.0076676
Mon 6PM0.0074666
Mon 7PM0.0071647
Mon 8PM0.0067616
Mon 9PM0.0064606
Mon 10PM0.0061587
Mon 11PM0.0059587
Tue 12AM0.0056588
Tue 1AM0.0055597
Tue 2AM0.0053587
Tue 3AM0.0052578
Tue 4AM0.0052577
Tue 5AM0.0051587
Tue 6AM0.0051576
Tue 7AM0.0053576
Tue 8AM0.0056577
Tue 9AM0.0059607
Tue 10AM0.0063627
Tue 11AM0.0067656
Tue 12PM0.0070676
Tue 1PM0.0073677
Tue 2PM0.0076677
Tue 3PM0.0077676
Tue 4PM0.0077666
Tue 5PM0.0076667
Tue 6PM0.0074657
Tue 7PM0.0071648
Tue 8PM0.0068627

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations