Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Wed 5PM36303122
Wed 6PM34303018
Wed 7PM34292915
Wed 8PM34292814
Wed 9PM35292825
Wed 10PM34292833
Wed 11PM33292829
Thu 12AM34292829
Thu 1AM34292833
Thu 2AM33292940
Thu 3AM34292834
Thu 4AM35302931
Thu 5AM35302836
Thu 6AM36302938
Thu 7AM37303045
Thu 8AM36303038
Thu 9AM33313030
Thu 10AM31302916
Thu 11AM33272525
Thu 12PM34282625
Thu 1PM2927289
Thu 2PM2927287
Thu 3PM2926257
Thu 4PM3025275
Thu 6PM0.00302220
Thu 7PM0.00272022
Thu 8PM0.01251819
Thu 9PM0.01251631
Thu 10PM0.03231432
Thu 11PM0.01221336
Fri 12AM0.01221439
Fri 1AM0.04221419
Fri 2AM0.04231519
Fri 3AM0.05241541
Fri 4AM0.03251432
Fri 5AM0.02241436
Fri 6AM0.03231430
Fri 7AM0.04231515
Fri 8AM0.04231617
Fri 9AM0.03241614
Fri 10AM0.04231518
Fri 11AM0.03251517
Fri 12PM0.01261615
Fri 1PM0.01271724
Fri 2PM0.01271714
Fri 3PM0.02271714
Fri 4PM0.02261614
Fri 5PM0.02251616
Fri 6PM0.02241416
Fri 7PM0.01231415
Fri 8PM0.00221415
Fri 9PM0.01221515
Fri 10PM0.01231516
Fri 11PM0.01231614
Sat 12AM0.01231513
Sat 1AM0.01221513
Sat 2AM0.01211412
Sat 3AM0.00211515
Sat 4AM0.00211516
Sat 5AM0.01201418
Sat 6AM0.02211419
Sat 7AM0.01211418
Sat 8AM0.00211319
Sat 9AM0.00221419
Sat 10AM0.00241519
Sat 11AM0.00261616
Sat 12PM0.00271615
Sat 1PM0.00271611
Sat 2PM0.0027178
Sat 3PM0.0027187
Sat 4PM0.0127207
Sat 5PM0.0027198
Sat 6PM0.0125199
Sat 7PM0.0025187
Sat 8PM0.0024169
Sat 9PM0.0024159
Sat 10PM0.00221410
Sat 11PM0.0021139
Sun 12AM0.0019139
Sun 1AM0.0018128
Sun 2AM0.0019129
Sun 3AM0.0019128
Sun 4AM0.0019148
Sun 5AM0.0017148
Sun 6AM0.0017158
Sun 7AM0.00161410
Sun 8AM0.00181213
Sun 9AM0.00211215
Sun 10AM0.00231312
Sun 11AM0.00261610
Sun 12PM0.0027189
Sun 1PM0.00291912
Sun 2PM0.00312015
Sun 3PM0.00312016
Sun 4PM0.01302017
Sun 5PM0.00282017
Sun 6PM0.01271916
Sun 7PM0.00251816
Sun 8PM0.02231619
Sun 9PM0.00221520
Sun 10PM0.00211420
Sun 11PM0.01221521
Mon 12AM0.01201521
Mon 1AM0.00211419
Mon 2AM0.00201519
Mon 3AM0.00191518
Mon 4AM0.00181717
Mon 5AM0.01191618
Mon 6AM0.00201517
Mon 7AM0.00191415
Mon 8AM0.00151213

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations