Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Fri 3PM515214
Fri 4PM495214
Fri 5PM475215
Fri 6PM455216
Fri 7PM445015
Fri 8PM424215
Fri 9PM424115
Fri 10PM414018
Fri 11PM414018
Sat 12AM414014
Sat 1AM403918
Sat 2AM393819
Sat 3AM383616
Sat 4AM373513
Sat 5AM373515
Sat 6AM0.0041373515
Sat 7AM0.0044373615
Sat 8AM0.0043383615
Sat 9AM0.0042403816
Sat 10AM0.0045413814
Sat 11AM0.0049404012
Sat 12PM0.0052413914
Sat 1PM0.0055414012
Sat 2PM0.0057489
Sat 3PM0.0058499
Sat 4PM0.0058509
Sat 5PM0.00595010
Sat 6PM0.00585011
Sat 7PM0.00585111
Sat 8PM0.00575014
Sat 9PM0.00554815
Sat 10PM0.00534415
Sat 11PM0.00494216
Sun 12AM0.00464312
Sun 1AM0.00444512
Sun 2AM0.00434610
Sun 3AM0.0044479
Sun 4AM0.0043478
Sun 5AM0.0044478
Sun 6AM0.0044478
Sun 7AM0.0045519
Sun 8AM0.00485510
Sun 9AM0.0052579
Sun 10AM0.0057588
Sun 11AM0.0061607
Sun 12PM0.0065618
Sun 1PM0.0067638
Sun 2PM0.0069658
Sun 3PM0.0071679
Sun 4PM0.0072689
Sun 5PM0.00726910
Sun 6PM0.0071689
Sun 7PM0.0068668
Sun 8PM0.0064628
Sun 9PM0.0059599
Sun 10PM0.0057569
Sun 11PM0.00555211
Mon 12AM0.00534914
Mon 1AM0.00494520
Mon 2AM0.00464519
Mon 3AM0.00454519
Mon 4AM0.00454416
Mon 5AM0.00464220
Mon 6AM0.00444120
Mon 7AM0.00444120
Mon 8AM0.00454120
Mon 9AM0.00474118
Mon 10AM0.00484115
Mon 11AM0.00494116
Mon 12PM0.00504117
Mon 1PM0.00514218
Mon 2PM0.00524320
Mon 3PM0.00524320
Mon 4PM0.00524217
Mon 5PM0.00514118
Mon 6PM0.00494117
Mon 7PM0.00473917
Mon 8PM0.00453819
Mon 9PM0.00433618
Mon 10PM0.01433619
Mon 11PM0.00443419
Tue 12AM0.00433220
Tue 1AM0.00433217
Tue 2AM0.00413118
Tue 3AM0.00423115
Tue 4AM0.00413015
Tue 5AM0.00423112
Tue 6AM0.00393111
Tue 7AM0.00393310
Tue 8AM0.0039378
Tue 9AM0.0042407
Tue 10AM0.0045447
Tue 11AM0.0050466
Tue 12PM0.0054477
Tue 1PM0.0056477
Tue 2PM0.00574811
Tue 3PM0.00574812
Tue 4PM0.00574712
Tue 5PM0.00574711
Tue 6PM0.00574711
Tue 7PM0.0055479
Tue 8PM0.00544710

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations