Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Wed 10PM0.0032282612
Wed 11PM0.0031272613
Thu 12AM0.0030262510
Thu 1AM0.002925249
Thu 2AM0.002825236
Thu 3AM0.002827243
Thu 4AM0.003027266
Thu 5AM0.0028252511
Thu 6AM0.002826248
Thu 7AM0.0028282410
Thu 8AM0.0028302510
Thu 9AM0.003732294
Thu 10AM0.004235323
Thu 11AM0.004138322
Thu 12PM0.004539306
Thu 1PM0.004439334
Thu 2PM0.005136354
Thu 3PM0.004237342
Thu 4PM0.004034327
Thu 5PM0.003934336
Thu 6PM0.003934327
Thu 7PM0.003832306
Thu 8PM0.003631298
Thu 9PM0.003530289
Thu 10PM0.00342915
Thu 11PM0.00332716
Fri 12AM0.00292614
Fri 1AM0.00282613
Fri 2AM0.00282716
Fri 3AM0.00292716
Fri 4AM0.00312715
Fri 5AM0.00312814
Fri 6AM0.00312814
Fri 7AM0.00322913
Fri 8AM0.0033319
Fri 9AM0.0034339
Fri 10AM0.0037358
Fri 11AM0.0039377
Fri 12PM0.0041397
Fri 1PM0.0043398
Fri 2PM0.0045399
Fri 3PM0.0048407
Fri 4PM0.00474110
Fri 5PM0.00464212
Fri 6PM0.00444012
Fri 7PM0.01433716
Fri 8PM0.00433617
Fri 9PM0.00423615
Fri 10PM0.01413618
Fri 11PM0.01393421
Sat 12AM0.00393321
Sat 1AM0.00373222
Sat 2AM0.00363023
Sat 3AM0.01342725
Sat 4AM0.01322525
Sat 5AM0.03302519
Sat 6AM0.01292422
Sat 7AM0.01292320
Sat 8AM0.00302220
Sat 9AM0.00302320
Sat 10AM0.00312319
Sat 11AM0.00312422
Sat 12PM0.00322422
Sat 1PM0.00332520
Sat 2PM0.00342518
Sat 3PM0.00342518
Sat 4PM0.00332517
Sat 5PM0.00322416
Sat 6PM0.00312417
Sat 7PM0.00312417
Sat 8PM0.00302418
Sat 9PM0.01292218
Sat 10PM0.00292311
Sat 11PM0.0027229
Sun 12AM0.0027237
Sun 1AM0.0026227
Sun 2AM0.0027217
Sun 3AM0.0025217
Sun 4AM0.0024227
Sun 5AM0.0023227
Sun 6AM0.0023247
Sun 7AM0.0024247
Sun 8AM0.0026267
Sun 9AM0.0029287
Sun 10AM0.0031306
Sun 11AM0.0034307
Sun 12PM0.0035317
Sun 1PM0.0037327
Sun 2PM0.0039347
Sun 3PM0.00403510
Sun 4PM0.0041368
Sun 5PM0.0041378
Sun 6PM0.0042378
Sun 7PM0.0041358
Sun 8PM0.0039337
Sun 9PM0.0037308
Sun 10PM0.0034289
Sun 11PM0.0031259
Mon 12AM0.0029279
Mon 1AM0.00282711
Mon 2AM0.00282812
Mon 3AM0.00282814
Mon 4AM0.00282815
Mon 5AM0.00302915
Mon 6AM0.00303016
Mon 7AM0.00323013
Mon 8AM0.00353113

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations