Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Sat 12PM0.0041343112
Sat 1PM0.0045343111
Sat 2PM0.0043343211
Sat 3PM0.0043343313
Sat 4PM0.0040353216
Sat 5PM0.0042353318
Sat 6PM0.0038333316
Sat 7PM0.0037312916
Sat 8PM0.0036302813
Sat 9PM0.0034292615
Sat 10PM0.0034292717
Sat 11PM0.0031292620
Sun 12AM0.0031292619
Sun 1AM0.0030302619
Sun 2AM0.0030272716
Sun 3AM0.0030272815
Sun 4AM0.0031282617
Sun 5AM0.0033282615
Sun 6AM0.0033282514
Sun 7AM0.0033282613
Sun 8AM0.0034282612
Sun 9AM0.0038333111
Sun 10AM0.0044363013
Sun 11AM0.004639356
Sun 12PM0.0042338
Sun 1PM0.0044356
Sun 2PM0.0046366
Sun 3PM0.0047375
Sun 4PM0.0047385
Sun 5PM0.0047386
Sun 6PM0.0046387
Sun 7PM0.00443712
Sun 8PM0.00423514
Sun 9PM0.00403311
Sun 10PM0.00383113
Sun 11PM0.00353314
Mon 12AM0.00343313
Mon 1AM0.00323314
Mon 2AM0.00333414
Mon 3AM0.00343615
Mon 4AM0.00343615
Mon 5AM0.00343616
Mon 6AM0.00343515
Mon 7AM0.00363515
Mon 8AM0.00383616
Mon 9AM0.00423814
Mon 10AM0.00444014
Mon 11AM0.0045409
Mon 12PM0.00474110
Mon 1PM0.00484310
Mon 2PM0.01484217
Mon 3PM0.01474319
Mon 4PM0.00474217
Mon 5PM0.00464218
Mon 6PM0.01464121
Mon 7PM0.01463919
Mon 8PM0.00463920
Mon 9PM0.00464021
Mon 10PM0.00454020
Mon 11PM0.02453924
Tue 12AM0.01453923
Tue 1AM0.01454021
Tue 2AM0.01454220
Tue 3AM0.02434119
Tue 4AM0.02444119
Tue 5AM0.02444020
Tue 6AM0.04454022
Tue 7AM0.03444020
Tue 8AM0.02444121
Tue 9AM0.02444121
Tue 10AM0.01444220
Tue 11AM0.01444118
Tue 12PM0.01444119
Tue 1PM0.00444017
Tue 2PM0.01444018
Tue 3PM0.01434018
Tue 4PM0.01444017
Tue 5PM0.01433819
Tue 6PM0.00423817
Tue 7PM0.00403616
Tue 8PM0.01393619
Tue 9PM0.01383620
Tue 10PM0.00383619
Tue 11PM0.00373316
Wed 12AM0.01373016
Wed 1AM0.00372915
Wed 2AM0.00382816
Wed 3AM0.00362514
Wed 4AM0.00342414
Wed 5AM0.00322514
Wed 6AM0.00322514
Wed 7AM0.00332513
Wed 8AM0.00322611
Wed 9AM0.00332910
Wed 10AM0.0035328
Wed 11AM0.0038367
Wed 12PM0.0042386
Wed 1PM0.0046406
Wed 2PM0.0048417
Wed 3PM0.0049416
Wed 4PM0.0049426
Wed 5PM0.0049426
Wed 6PM0.0048427
Wed 7PM0.0046427
Wed 8PM0.0045427

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations