Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Tue 7PM0.0039393833
Tue 8PM0.0037373431
Tue 9PM0.0039363334
Tue 10PM0.0036363234
Tue 11PM0.0035363231
Wed 12AM0.0033403432
Wed 1AM0.0034383330
Wed 2AM0.0034383327
Wed 3AM0.0034373330
Wed 4AM0.0032363329
Wed 5AM0.0034373340
Wed 6AM0.0036373233
Wed 7AM0.0039363235
Wed 8AM0.0035383541
Wed 9AM0.0040413739
Wed 10AM0.0048433840
Wed 11AM0.0053463954
Wed 12PM0.0056473954
Wed 1PM0.0059484033
Wed 2PM0.0057474127
Wed 3PM0.0056484120
Wed 4PM0.0053444027
Wed 5PM0.0050424128
Wed 6PM0.0044414119
Wed 7PM0.00393820
Wed 8PM0.00373718
Wed 9PM0.00353417
Wed 10PM0.00333116
Wed 11PM0.00312916
Thu 12AM0.00323015
Thu 1AM0.00333114
Thu 2AM0.00353214
Thu 3AM0.00373413
Thu 4AM0.00383611
Thu 5AM0.00393812
Thu 6AM0.00383911
Thu 7AM0.00383711
Thu 8AM0.00373411
Thu 9AM0.00383413
Thu 10AM0.00413612
Thu 11AM0.00433911
Thu 12PM0.00454212
Thu 1PM0.00454211
Thu 2PM0.00454310
Thu 3PM0.0043419
Thu 4PM0.00423910
Thu 5PM0.00413711
Thu 6PM0.00403710
Thu 7PM0.0040379
Thu 8PM0.00393610
Thu 9PM0.00393510
Thu 10PM0.00383410
Thu 11PM0.00383511
Fri 12AM0.00353512
Fri 1AM0.00353612
Fri 2AM0.00343411
Fri 3AM0.00353610
Fri 4AM0.00343410
Fri 5AM0.00323211
Fri 6AM0.00322810
Fri 7AM0.00312810
Fri 8AM0.00342911
Fri 9AM0.00363111
Fri 10AM0.00383312
Fri 11AM0.00403411
Fri 12PM0.00423511
Fri 1PM0.00443710
Fri 2PM0.00453712
Fri 3PM0.00453614
Fri 4PM0.00433412
Fri 5PM0.01413213
Fri 6PM0.01393115
Fri 7PM0.01383016
Fri 8PM0.00372917
Fri 9PM0.02362913
Fri 10PM0.02362811
Fri 11PM0.01352815
Sat 12AM0.00352817
Sat 1AM0.00342716
Sat 2AM0.01342715
Sat 3AM0.00332617
Sat 4AM0.01342517
Sat 5AM0.01342417
Sat 6AM0.00332317
Sat 7AM0.00332217
Sat 8AM0.00322216
Sat 9AM0.00322315
Sat 10AM0.00322413
Sat 11AM0.01342513
Sat 12PM0.0335269
Sat 1PM0.0136277
Sat 2PM0.0336286
Sat 3PM0.02372810
Sat 4PM0.0237278
Sat 5PM0.00352611
Sat 6PM0.0134259
Sat 7PM0.02332516
Sat 8PM0.03332515
Sat 9PM0.01302414
Sat 10PM0.00292312
Sat 11PM0.00282310
Sun 12AM0.0027228
Sun 1AM0.0026229
Sun 2AM0.0027219
Sun 3AM0.0027218
Sun 4AM0.0028217
Sun 5AM0.0027227
Sun 6AM0.0026238
Sun 7AM0.0026237
Sun 8AM0.0025237

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations