Crystal Mtn

Tabular Station Data and ai Forecast.

Gray = History : Red = Forecast.

precip 4570
temperature 4570
temperature 6230
temperature 6830
wind_speed_average 6830
Wed 12PM0.0031262724
Wed 1PM0.0032252726
Wed 2PM0.0033262822
Wed 3PM0.0030262729
Wed 4PM0.0031252637
Wed 5PM0.0029242540
Wed 6PM0.0031252544
Wed 7PM0.0031242552
Wed 8PM0.0032262552
Wed 9PM0.0032252450
Wed 10PM0.0032252444
Wed 11PM0.0031242347
Thu 12AM0.0029242346
Thu 1AM0.0128232343
Thu 2AM0.0227232334
Thu 3AM0.0228242329
Thu 4AM0.0128242432
Thu 5AM0.0029262527
Thu 6AM0.0329262625
Thu 7AM0.0030282731
Thu 8AM0.0029282631
Thu 9AM0.01292619
Thu 10AM0.01322620
Thu 11AM0.02342620
Thu 12PM0.01342532
Thu 1PM0.01352430
Thu 2PM0.02352524
Thu 3PM0.05352536
Thu 4PM0.04342636
Thu 5PM0.08342637
Thu 6PM0.09332640
Thu 7PM0.12342639
Thu 8PM0.07332541
Thu 9PM0.03332532
Thu 10PM0.02322532
Thu 11PM0.01322433
Fri 12AM0.01322423
Fri 1AM0.01322321
Fri 2AM0.03322318
Fri 3AM0.02322218
Fri 4AM0.00322219
Fri 5AM0.00312218
Fri 6AM0.00302318
Fri 7AM0.00292219
Fri 8AM0.00282219
Fri 9AM0.00292319
Fri 10AM0.01322313
Fri 11AM0.00342416
Fri 12PM0.00332417
Fri 1PM0.00342419
Fri 2PM0.00352320
Fri 3PM0.01352420
Fri 4PM0.03332521
Fri 5PM0.07312522
Fri 6PM0.09312619
Fri 7PM0.16322733
Fri 8PM0.14342937
Fri 9PM0.12343037
Fri 10PM0.07353133
Fri 11PM0.10343135
Sat 12AM0.21363137
Sat 1AM0.17383140
Sat 2AM0.17393138
Sat 3AM0.08403135
Sat 4AM0.05373034
Sat 5AM0.03352831
Sat 6AM0.01312432
Sat 7AM0.00312331
Sat 8AM0.01302331
Sat 9AM0.00312324
Sat 10AM0.00332422
Sat 11AM0.00332522
Sat 12PM0.00342521
Sat 1PM0.01332519
Sat 2PM0.00322319
Sat 3PM0.00322318
Sat 4PM0.00302220
Sat 5PM0.00302118
Sat 6PM0.00302119
Sat 7PM0.00312120
Sat 8PM0.00302219
Sat 9PM0.00282120
Sat 10PM0.00262017
Sat 11PM0.00262015
Sun 12AM0.00251913
Sun 1AM0.00252013
Sun 2AM0.00252110
Sun 3AM0.00262210
Sun 4AM0.00262212
Sun 5AM0.0026229
Sun 6AM0.0025218
Sun 7AM0.0025218
Sun 8AM0.0027227
Sun 9AM0.0027249
Sun 10AM0.0029249
Sun 11AM0.00292511
Sun 12PM0.00302513
Sun 1PM0.00292513
Sun 2PM0.00272411
Sun 3PM0.00252413
Sun 4PM0.00232413
Sun 5PM0.01242412
Sun 6PM0.00252310
Sun 7PM0.00252210

Available Snowpack Models

Crystal Base 4570'
Crystal Green Valley 6230'
Crystal Summit 6830'

Station Data Collected from the Below Locations